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SkillShark Athlete Evaluation Software Release

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Saskatoon— February 27, 2020 — SkillShark is pleased to announce that a formal contract
has been signed between them and the largest athletic organization in North America. The
United States Specialty Sport Association (USSSA) governs over 4.2 million athletes, and has a
portfolio consisting of fifteen different sports including softball, baseball, basketball, soccer and


“We are ecstatic!” said Neil Anderson, President and Founder of SkillShark. “We have nurtured
this relationship over the years and it is now an inked deal with the largest athletic group on the
continent. It is an incredible feat for our company.”


Meeting Of The Minds
SkillShark recently sent Mike Reimer, Director of User Experience, to Arizona to attend the
softball kickoff with USSSA. “Their ability to understand the value of the software and easily
implement it with their first group was incredible,” said Mike. Neil also visited USSSA
headquarters in Viera, Florida for a baseball camp where he was able to see them roll out the
software and meet with USSSA team members.


Growing Into The Future
SkillShark and USSSA will now grow off the success of these pilot camps, and expand both in
number of athletes and locations across the United States. Tony Harper, USSSA Baseball
Operations Manager, has been a champion in implementing SkillShark. “This software is the
right fit,” says Tony. “The SkillShark team has been great to work with and we look forward to
continuing our work with them.”


SkillShark Impact
This contract means big things for SkillShark in the future. The product team remains focused
on scaling existing infrastructure to maintain best in class technologies and an unparalleled user
friendly interface. Growth and expansion will come tenfold with this announcement, as
SkillShark and USSSA work together to create mutually beneficial marketing campaigns, as well
as a long term strategic partnership.


For More Release Information contact:
Elanne Krainyk
Director of Marketing, SkillShark


For More Product Information visit:

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